SAPS - Swedish Aviation Photographers Society
Welcome to the SAPS HQ!

The Swedish Aviation Photographers Society aims to represent qualitative and creative aviation photography by gathering Sweden's most ambitious and talented aviation photographers.

The objective of the Swedish Aviation Photographers Society is to showcase high quality photography within the area of aviation. We are eager to establish new contacts and increase the knowledge of aviation photography within Sweden. Moreover, SAPS aims to get increased recognition for aviation photography, both nationally and internationally, by means of new contacts, on-site presence and published photos.

SAPS started out from the idea of creating a learning platform to develop our photography skills by bringing together people interested in aviation photography. The first meetings were organized in the end of 2013, since then the group has grown and become more ambitious. Right now we are at a point in which we would like to "get noticed and be famous".

The society exists of active, enthusiastic contributors whom are being recruited on a (self)invitation or reputation base. To become part of SAPS requires to be first of all interested in aviation AND photography and secondly be an active aviation photographer. Experience and background are not among our requirements; we are together to learn from each other! However, it is highly appreciated if your pictures are of high quality and promote a creative perspective of aviation photography, reflecting the goals of SAPS.

Meet SAPS at: (look out for our banner!)

Mach Loop (UK) 08 - 14 May
NATO Tiger Meet 2016 (ES) 21 May
Kjula Air Show (SE) 30 May

Västerås Open Door (SE) 04 June
Dutch AF Days (NL) 10 - 11 June
Kjeller Air Show (NO) 11 - 12 June
Skå-Edeby Fly-in (SE) 12 June
Skrydstrup Air Show (DK) 19 June

Royal International Air Tattoo (UK) 8 - 10 July

Swedish AF Main Air Show (SE) 27 - 28 August

AIRPOWER 16, Zeltweg (AUT) 2 - 3 September
Skövde Air Show (SE) 3 September
Sanicole Sunset Air Show (BE) 9 September
Fly n Ride Ljungbyhed (SE) 10 September
Sanicole Air Show (BE) 11 September
Ostrava NATO Days (CZ) 17 - 18 September

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